Saturday, October 3, 2009

Starting to feel like myself again

Focusing on the "smile" moments seems to be getting easier. Friday was full of smiles.

*Finishing a tough 30 minute cardio workout with my brother. It feels good to be getting in shape. Smile.

*Seeing Shayne interact with the Librarian and finding a few new books to read. 14 to be exact. Then seeing him pough though 4 of those books before bedtime. Smile.

*Visiting Central Market and looking around their yummy salad bar and prepared food area. Smile.

*Eating Ahi Poke (from Central Market) for dinner. Such a treat, well if you like sushi it is. Smile.

I finish a layout from a challenge posted on Dixie Pieces for September. Its too late to enter but I finished it anyway. It was a a challenge about the "10 thing I love about me".

List is:
I like to have fun
I’m generous to those in need
I’m not afraid to travel by myself
I make beautiful babies
I plan, plan, plan so I can enjoy the event
My toes, especially after a pedicure
I cry easily
I’m not afraid of germs
I get all worked up when I’m passionate about something
I’m loyal to my friends

It was really hard to create a layout just about me but I'm glad I did.

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