Sunday, October 4, 2009

Orcas Island Adventure

I am so thankful for friends like Pete & Jen Newman. They are just good people. The kind of good people that inspire you to be a better person. I think its because they're genuine not over the top, give me credit for the good I do type of people. They made me smile today.

Actually Pete used to be my boss or really my boss' boss. I was surprised when he invited Steve and I to go flying with him. He's a very busy person and so is his wife so all their time together is very valuable. I was beyond ecstatic about the opportunity to fly to the San Juans in his little plane. I was honestly very honored that he would offer.
The trip was out of a storybook for me. Driving up to the small airport, getting in the plane, flying over our beautiful Washington coast, landing on Orcas Island, having lunch on a deck overlooking the water, browsing the local boutiques and then getting on the plane to go back home. What a wonderful day!

Thank you Pete & Jen for reaching out. Thank you for being such good people. You made me smile today.

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