Thursday, September 10, 2009

The start of school

Alexis started kindergarten yesterday. Lets just say it was tough letting her go. I didn't want to admit that she is growing up. Not my baby girl.
She did fabulous at school, she loves her teacher (says she seems really nice), she's already made a "BFF" (yes she called it that) and she rode the bus home without problems (though she almost forgot her backpack on the bus). I'm so happy that she's adjusted so quickly. It could be because she has an awesome BIG brother to look up to!
As preparation for her being at school all day (did I mention she's in all day kindergarden?) I made her a mini album that she can keep in her backpack that has pictures of our family.
Lets not forget Shayne started 3rd grade this year. He's getting so big. He's excited to be learning cursive again (he learned it in kindergarden but has forgotten most of it) and ofcourse that he gets to see his friends again.

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