Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A moment that made me smile

On Kim Holmes blog she challenged everyone to dwell on the good moments in life and not the overwelming worries that seem to be all around right now. The challenge was to blog every day about a moment that made you smile that day.

Today I ran a few errands, returning items we didn't use at Alexis' birthday party and whatnot. While out and about I stopped at a store that I have always wanted to check out, its called Plato's Closet. They buy and sell used name brand clothes. So I took a few shirts into the dressing room. I tried on a cute but simple red top, looked in the mirror and smiled. So cute. I love it when I find something that makes me confortable in my own body. Best part it was only 7 dollars.

Ok, Ok... I know what you're thinking. How entirely materialistic of you. But I have to start somewhere.

1 comment:

  1. Perfect & not even a little materialistic! Finding an amazing deal always brings a smile to my face!