Saturday, January 30, 2010

my trip part 1

Kim, Robyn & Me self portrait style.

Now that things are settling down and I've recovered from vacation exhaustion I want to share some of the exciting things I saw in Anaheim.

Friday - We went to the Super Craft show.
There was so much to see and do. Lots of make & take projects and great deals. My favorite part of the day was meeting Donna Downey. I love her work and designs.

Saturday - We went window shopping in Orange. They have such cute eclectic stores with lot of antiques. Also I was told that is where they filmed the famous Forest Gump's Life is like a box of chocolates scene. Here are some of the items that inspired me while shopping.

We stopped at this really cute cupcake store. I so enjoyed the company of Brenna, Sherry and Robert (not pictured). And though I'd just met them I felt like I've known them forever.

this one's for my womens small group. I kept finding little messages about letting go of fear everywhere I went. Which is what we're discussing in our group.

Sunday - Wednesday kinda run together in amazing inspiration and excitement. I'm going to edit some more pictures and update again later.

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  1. LOVE the LOVE keys!! So jealous you were able to meet Donna Downey! I love her work. Can't wait for "part 2!"